Welcome at the 'Juegdschlass'

A unique site right in the 'Bambësch'

We are open …


… from 11.00 am until 11.00 pm.
Closed on Mondays, except if it is a holiday
as Eastermonday or Pentecostmonday.

Starters, Fish & suggestions as well as light meals are served continuously from noon until 9.30 pm.

During Summer season (April until September)
from noon until 22 pm.

A part of luxembourgish Folklore

For generations the ‘Juegdschlass’ is well known in Luxembourg and abroad.

Some like to warm up after a long autumn or winter-walk trough the woods and enjoy our cooking or to relax in the shadow on our beautiful terrace in the Summer.

For others the ‘Juegdschlass’ is the place to celebrate with their friends and family in a unique atmosphere. A true part of national folklore.


We are back!

We are back!

Dear friends of the 'Juegdschlass', At last! After a long break, we may reopen from April 7th onwards. As you have probably heard, we can only serve you outside on our terrace for the moment - the restaurant inside must remain closed. Of course you may choose from our...

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A new resident at the ‘Juegdschlass’

A new resident at the ‘Juegdschlass’

For some time now, a strange little creature can be seen in the forest and even in the garden around the 'Juegdschlass'. According to witnesses, it is very small, very fast and therefore very difficult to detect. Witnesses say it looks like an acorn with small legs...

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By car

There are 30 spaces on the ‘Juegdschlass’-parking. If ever our parking would happen to be complete, you will easily find a space along the forest nearby.

No stairs

There are no stairs at the ‘Juegdschlass’. In a wheelchair, with a walker or with a stroller, you can easily get anywhere at the ‘Juegdschlass’.

For children

For the children a visit at ‘Juegdschlass’ is always exciting. We also have special dishes for children on our menu.

With your dog

Dogs are welcome at “Juegdschlass” – obligatorily on a leash.

Sometimes you may want to know whether you should take an umbrella or if you should wear a sweater or just a t-shirt

Here are the current weather conditions at ‘Juegdschlass’ and the forecast for the next 3 days.

légère pluie 2° C 1° C | 3° C 2.68 m/s 92 % 1008 hPa
  • 04/12/2021 couvert 6° C
  • 05/12/2021 couvert 2° C
  • 06/12/2021 couvert 3° C

To contact

+352 337137
400, rue des Sept-Arpents
L-1149 Lëtzebuerg

To come and go

Daily from 11 am until 11 pm. Closed on Mondays, except if it is a holiday such as Eastermonday or Pentecostmonday.

Walfy flexibus: 8002 20 20

(Monday - Saturday from 9.00 am - 11.00 pm): 4796-4797

To make a reservation

Due to the current situation, you can now reserve your seats on the terrace in advance.

Reservations are only accepted by phone.

To pay

All prices on our menu are including taxes (3% or 17%) and service.

We accept:
Visa, EC/MC, V-Pay, and 'Cheques repas' (Sodexho, Accor & TR).
We accept credit cards from 20 Euros.

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