The ‘Juegdschlass’ – from 1873 until today

The ‘Juegdschlass’ was build in 1873 by the luxembourgish ‘Steel barons’ (ARBED) to serve as a hunting lodge.

Since then, the building was often modified. Some extensions were added to the building.
In 1935 a private investor bought the house and opened it for the public. It was back then named ‘Café Juegdschlass’.

The ‘Juegdschlass’ was build as a lodge and kept the same function until today. For generations the ‘Juegdschlass’ is appreciated for it’s unique atmosphere.

Since 1986 the well known restaurant is managed by the current owner.

Gradually, the building received its present form. The main section of the ‘Juegdschlass’ was completely retained and the porch and the front entrance and room were added.

Over decades the pine trees at the back side grew very tall. A few years ago they had to be cut down. Since, visitors can again enjoy the panoramic view over the ‘Alzette’ valley.

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