Images of the ‘Juegdschlass’ and it’s surroundings

After you visited the ‘Juegdschlass’ you will have plenty of images in your head – images of the extraordinary nature, the breathtaking view from the terrace or hundreds of pitoresque details that make the interior of the restaurant so unique.

On this page you get a glimpse of what to expect at Juegdschlass.

Our buffaloes

For many years our buffaloes are part of the ‘Juegdschlass’. They are living outside all year round on a huge meadow nearby. A unique opportunity to see these extraordinary animals in real life.

Our peacocks

The peacock is the symbol of the ‘Juegdschlass’. Therefore we adopted this magnificent animal as a logo years ago.
You never tire of hearing their typical ‘scream’ and admiring their lovely plumage.
Unfortunately, our peacock family has been decimated for the moment – another inhabitant of the forest is also very fond of these beautiful birds.

Our ‘Pol’

For some time now, a strange little creature can be seen in the forest and even in the garden around the ‘Juegdschlass’. According to witnesses, it is very small, very fast and therefore very difficult to detect. Witnesses say it looks like an acorn with small legs and two arms.
It seems that the tiny creature has chosen the ‘Juegdschlass’ for his home. We call him ‘Pol’.

Perhaps you too will be lucky enough to spot the little creature – keep your eyes open!

Our picture gallery

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